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Personalised Candles for Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Set

A Unity Candles set includes three candles:  one represents the Bride, one represents the Groom and one represents their covenant in marriage.   This signifies the pledge of unity between the bride and groom and the merging of two families, joining their lives together and becoming one through marriage.

The lighting of Unity Candles are a unique way to personalise your wedding day, regardless of faith.  The Unity candle ceremony is non-denominational, which means it has no religious significance, making this a popular choice for both religious and non-religious ceremonies alike.

Personalsied Unity candle set

Unity candle set persolialised just for you…

The Unity Candles are displayed on a dressed table, normally set to one side or near to the efficient, taking pride of place ready for the ceremony.

The Mother of the groom will normally arrive at the venue first and will be shown to her seat. The Mother of the bride will arrive a little later. As soon as this happens the Mother of the groom is escorted by either an Usher or a male member of the Bride’s family…  The Mother of the bride is escorted by the groom himself, an usher or a male member of the groom’s family to the Unity candle table, where the escorts will both stand to one side while the Mother’s take their respective tapers and light them.  It is a good idea to have a tee light already lit on the table so they can do this, this way not need to matches or lighters.  They will then place their lighted tapers into the holders and they will be both escorted back to their seats.  Having this done at the same time will allow for even burning of the tapers and soon after the Bride will arrive and the ceremony will begin.

Unity Candle Set 20 cm x 7 cm Tapers 25 cm x 2.5 cm

Unity Candle set personalised just for you…

The Unity Candle ceremony usually takes place immediately after the vows have been spoken but before the official pronouncement of the marriage.   The Bride and Groom will, together, walk over to the table and taking a little time, maybe to say a few words to each other, facing their guests they will take their individual taper candle and simultaneously light the central pillar candle.  At this point the efficient can say a few words about the significance of the Unity candle lighting or a piece of music can be played.  The bride and groom will the walk back to the efficient where the ceremony will continue with the official pronouncement of Husband and Wife.

Some couples may choose the blow out their tapers to symbolise their commitment to each other and as a show other their unity.  Some couples will leave their tapers lit to symbolise that they are still individuals, even though they have been united in marriage.

Personalised Candles

Personalised Vow renewal unity candle set

The special thing about Unity Candles are that they can be customised and the individual details are left to you.  It’s at this point that the Unity ceremony can be modified.  If the bride and groom have children from their relationship or a previous relationship, the child or children (depending on age as this involves lighted candles) can join the bride and groom in lighting the main pillar candle to represent the formation of a family.  Alternatively, their names can be included around the Unity candle or on the back.

For many couples their Unity Candles are kept as a keepsake of this special day and afterwards it can be lit year after year on anniversaries in remembrance the vows taken and of the love and commitment shared between one another.


One thing to keep in mind; some places of worship may not allow this ceremony, so if you  are set on wanting Unity Candles as part of your ceremony, you may need to check with the appropriate people to make sure this will be allowed at your wedding ceremony venue.

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