Unity Candles


Personalsied Unity Candles

The Lighting of  personalised Unity Candles are becoming more and more popular in modern wedding ceremonies, and, it is more than the simple lighting of a candle.

Personalised Unity Candles signifies the pledge of unity between the Bride and Groom and the merging of two families.  For more information hover over What is a Unity Candle or candle prices and please click the link.


Personalised Unity Candle

For a special part of your wedding ceremony  the Mother of the Bride and Groom or indeed, your children (age permitting) can light the two taper candles prior to the start of the ceremony.  The Bride and Groom, will take these tapers to light the Personalised Unity Candle.  It is common to do this after the exchange of rings but before the pronouncement of Husband and Wife. Personalised Unity candles are personalised for you, and, also to co-ordinate with your colours and theme. 


Personalsied Unity Candle

For many couples, a Unity Candle is kept as a keepsake, and,  afterwards it can be lit year after year on the  anniversary of the Wedding Day, in remembrance the vows and of the love and commitment shared between one another.

Personalised Wedding Vow Renewal Candle

Personalised Wedding Vow Renewal Candle

Vow renewal ceremonies have become popular to mark a milestone anniversary like your 10th / 20th and 25th  wedding anniversary. The lighting of the Unity candle symbolizes the continuing pledge made between Husband and Wife on this special of special occasions.

The Unity candle will be personalised to allow between  15 and 20  hours burn time.

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