Memorial Candles

Personalsied Memorial Candle

While I appreciate that this is not a subject that we are happy to talk or think about, we will all, at some point in our lives suffer the loss of a loved one.  Each experience is different and very personal to us. Losing a family member or friend, is without doubt,  a very traumatic time for all concerned.  For candle prices please click the link.

Personalsied Memorial Candles.

Personalised Memorial Candles can be personalied just for you, in 8 different sizes, in loving memory on occasions such as a Birthday or and Anniversary or indeed in remembrance at any time.  A photo can also be  incorporated into the design.

Personalised Memorial Candle

NEW.. I can now offer Personalised Memorial Candles with an LED tea light inserted into the top of the candle,  you will be able to ‘light’ the candle over and over again without burning the wick and spoiling the design.


Personalsied wedding Candle

Personalsied Wedding Memorial Candle

For a Wedding ceremony or Vow Renewal ceremony the Wedding Memorial ~Absence candles will be a beautiful statement piece that will take pride of place on any memory table to remember loved ones no longer able to share in your special day. 

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