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Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles, now then, there are  Candles and there are Birthday Candles, then again, there are Personalised Birthday Candles, let me show you…

Back in the ‘old days’ candles, when I was a young child, were typically white, pink or blue. My Mum would place these into the top of the cake and light for us to blow out having made a wish first.   I am one of those people who still believes that if I make a wish before blowing out the candles, and all the candles are blown out in one breath, then the wish will come true and good luck will follow all year.  Well, we live in hope that one day maybe it will.. If you made a birthday wish, did it ever come true?  

Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles

Birthday candles now come in an array of sizes, colours, shapes and styles.  You can even get candles that explode like a roman candle, spell Happy Birthday and numbers, which I for one am pleased these have been invented as trying to blow out more than 21 candles in one breath, is getting a little difficult – to playing you a tune.  My, how they have changed over the years.  

Now, let me show you a selection of candles, personalised for your occasion, that will make a unique  gift, although, I appreciate, these candles are not personalised to be placed on top of the birthday cake.  

 Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles

Candles are personalised just for you for family members and friends


Birthday Candles


You can also have a candle personalised with  a photograph.

Birthday Candles


or a candle with a motif that has a special meaning.  Available in 4 different sizes of white pillar candle from 8cm x 6 cm to 20 cm x 7 cm.


If you are looking for Birthday Candles, different from the ‘norm’ on the high street, you can contact me using the contact form or send me an email to for any information.  You may also want to take a look at Personalised Candles or other blog posts What is a Unity Candle and Memorial Candles

Birthday CandlesBirthday Candles


Hope you find the perfect candle for your occasion.

What is a Unity Candle…

The Tradition of Unity Candles

Personalised Candles for Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Set

A Unity Candles set includes three candles:  one represents the Bride, one represents the Groom and one represents their covenant in marriage.   This signifies the pledge of unity between the bride and groom and the merging of two families, joining their lives together and becoming one through marriage.

The lighting of Unity Candles are a unique way to personalise your wedding day, regardless of faith.  The Unity candle ceremony is non-denominational, which means it has no religious significance, making this a popular choice for both religious and non-religious ceremonies alike.

Personalsied Unity candle set

Unity candle set persolialised just for you…

The Unity Candles are displayed on a dressed table, normally set to one side or near to the efficient, taking pride of place ready for the ceremony.

The Mother of the groom will normally arrive at the venue first and will be shown to her seat. The Mother of the bride will arrive a little later. As soon as this happens the Mother of the groom is escorted by either an Usher or a male member of the Bride’s family…  The Mother of the bride is escorted by the groom himself, an usher or a male member of the groom’s family to the Unity candle table, where the escorts will both stand to one side while the Mother’s take their respective tapers and light them.  It is a good idea to have a tee light already lit on the table so they can do this, this way not need to matches or lighters.  They will then place their lighted tapers into the holders and they will be both escorted back to their seats.  Having this done at the same time will allow for even burning of the tapers and soon after the Bride will arrive and the ceremony will begin.

Unity Candle Set 20 cm x 7 cm Tapers 25 cm x 2.5 cm

Unity Candle set personalised just for you…

The Unity Candle ceremony usually takes place immediately after the vows have been spoken but before the official pronouncement of the marriage.   The Bride and Groom will, together, walk over to the table and taking a little time, maybe to say a few words to each other, facing their guests they will take their individual taper candle and simultaneously light the central pillar candle.  At this point the efficient can say a few words about the significance of the Unity candle lighting or a piece of music can be played.  The bride and groom will the walk back to the efficient where the ceremony will continue with the official pronouncement of Husband and Wife.

Some couples may choose the blow out their tapers to symbolise their commitment to each other and as a show other their unity.  Some couples will leave their tapers lit to symbolise that they are still individuals, even though they have been united in marriage.

Personalised Candles

Personalised Vow renewal unity candle set

The special thing about Unity Candles are that they can be customised and the individual details are left to you.  It’s at this point that the Unity ceremony can be modified.  If the bride and groom have children from their relationship or a previous relationship, the child or children (depending on age as this involves lighted candles) can join the bride and groom in lighting the main pillar candle to represent the formation of a family.  Alternatively, their names can be included around the Unity candle or on the back.

For many couples their Unity Candles are kept as a keepsake of this special day and afterwards it can be lit year after year on anniversaries in remembrance the vows taken and of the love and commitment shared between one another.


One thing to keep in mind; some places of worship may not allow this ceremony, so if you  are set on wanting Unity Candles as part of your ceremony, you may need to check with the appropriate people to make sure this will be allowed at your wedding ceremony venue.

If you would like any information on  Unity Candles  please email me at or take a look at the web site

Look forward to hearing from you


Memorial Candles

Memorial candles  A great deal of thought has gone into the subject of my 3rd blog post Memorial candles, as I very much appreciate, it is not a subject that most of us would wish to read about, however, I hope you will….

Memorial Candles

Memorial Candle for St. Clements Church


I recently had the privilege of personalising a Memorial Candle for St. Clements Church in Urmston, Manchester for their candle lighting table.  I included a verse by an unknown author which had some beautiful words, and which, when read, may bring some kind of inner warmth and comfort.

Memorial Candles

Personalised Memorial candle
In Loving Memory

This then got me thinking...  The one thing in life that is guaranteed to come to us all at some point, is the experience of bereavement.  This is a subject, unlike, say a Wedding or Christening that we will never learn how to cope with or indeed read about in advance.    Suffering the loss of a Mother – Father – Brother – Sister – Daughter – Son – Other Family members and friends or a much loved cat or dog, each and every experience by all of us that we will go through will be completely different.

For some may never get over the loss but for most we, in time,  will learn to live with this in our own way.  Mourning and grieving will then, at some point, move on to being a thanksgiving and celebration of a loved one ‘s life and will bring fond memories to the fore.

Bereavement is a traumatic and devastating time for tragically, we can experience the loss of a loved far too soon, as they may not have had the opportunity to experience any life or the other extreme we can celebrate that they lived to a ‘ripe old age’.  Some are taken with no warning and for some it may be after a long and painful illness, but, for most of us, we will not want to accept the inevitable as it’s human nature to ‘hold on to’ for as long as we can.

Memorial Candles

Personalised Memorial candle in loving memory of…

The saying we often hear “In time the pain will go way” for me, in my experiences, it has, for I have forgotten the massive pain I felt at the time, however, this is replaced with another pain, one that can be dealt with, it’s the pain of loosing, missing, loving, touching and many many more emotions and feelings.  There will be a time for all of us where we will be able to cry with some joy at the many happy memories we will be able to bring to mind or in conversations with family and friends.

Memorial Candles

Personalised Memorial candle
In loving memory of…

It’s at time’s like this when we truly appreciate family and friends as they will know what we are going through and will always be there to lend a shoulder or helping hand at any time.  One thing is for sure, we are not alone.

The giving of a Personalised Memorial candle In Loving Memory of a loved one, In Memory of or a Condolence Candle may bring some comfort, but, in the meantime they are….

Sadly missed along life’s way, quietly remembered every day, no longer in our lives to share, but in our hearts, they are always there.

Take care….  

Jackie x




Wedding Season

Yes, the Wedding Season is coming up fast, as time is moving so quickly before you know it your day has arrived.  Having started your Wedding Planning, in some cases, up-to 3 years in advance the amount of services, products, idea’s etc etc you will have amassed will be enormous.  No wonder you can often lose track.

Lot’s and lot’s of little things that you would like, like Favours, Candy Bar, Fireworks,  Gifts for the Bridesmaids / Mother of the Bride and Groom / Partents of the Bride and Groom, can

be a mine field, too much choice.  Let me give you one more….

Personalised Wedding Memorial ~ Absence candle 250mm x 80mm

Personalised Wedding Memorial ~ Absence candle
250mm x 80mm

A Personalised Memorial ~ Absence candle for your Memory table.  This non scented pillar candle in white or ivory will take pride of place on your memory table. Your candle can be personalised with the name’s of your family members and friends or with a loving verse together with your names and wedding date.

The candle will have Sarovski crystals, satin ribbons to co-ordinate with your colour theme and finished with a diamante buckle.  There are 4 size of candles to choose from.

Personalsied Wedding Memorial Candles 200mm x 70mm

Personalsied Wedding Memorial Candles
200mm x 70mm


The 200mm x 70mm will be perfect for your Top Table and will not intrude on the main wedding ding party for your guests.  The 250mm x 70mm / 300mm x 100mm and the 400mm x 70mm will make a beautiful statement piece on your memory table.  Price’s are from £24.00 to £41.00.  When planning on where you would like to place your memory table please also consider the candle safety aspects.

Having a Wedding Planner can be the best move as they will, having spoken to you in great detail, offer you all the right choices and put things in place for you, saving you lot’s of grey hairs in the meantime.  

If you are looking at having a Wedding Ceremony in a Stately Home, Gardens, or somewhere special and would like to have a Celebrant, than take a look at    Judy will arrange the most perfect ceremony in the most perfect place.



Welcome to Candles 2 Cherish

Welcome to Candles 2 Cherish any my very first post..  and please feel free to browse my web site.

Having personalised many candles over the last 4 years and seeing my Facebook page grow to over 900 like’s, I thought it was now the right

time to take the next step.. a web site.  

Christening candle 150mm x 80mm

Christening candle
150mm x 80mm

Having a candle personalised, for any occasion, is special, I take time to work with you to make sure that you have just what is in your ‘minds eye’.  I take time to listen and read about your requirements and with much attention to detail I then create something special for you to either keep or to give.

Creating this site has not been an easy task as I appreciate I am trying to be all tings to many different age groups and for many different occasions. 

Vow Renewal Candle Set 200mm x 70mm Tapers 245mm x 24mm

Vow Renewal Candle Set
200mm x 70mm
Tapers 245mm x 24mm


So, I hope I have come somewhere in between….If you would like to have a candle personalised, for any occasion, and have not seen anything in the gallery, please contact me using the contact form or email me at leaving your requirements and I will be happy to send you a proof to have a look at first. All candles are made to order and not sold from stock. 

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my first blog..I look forward to hearing from you